Attend seminars, learn about research and industry trends in biomedical engineering and related disciplines, connect with industry, faculty, and other students. The seminars may be attended face to face, synchronous, and asynchronous.

Spring 2017 Seminar Series

Mondays, 12:00 - 12:50 pm

Scott Bioengineering Building, room 229 (except as noted)

Please check back before attending, as the schedule may change.

Seminars are sponsored by the Biomedical Engineering Society Student Chapter.

Date Speaker and Affiliation Seminar Title

Jan 16

University Holiday - no seminar


Jan 23

Brent Ware, SBME PhD Student (Webinar)

Engineered In Vitro Platforms for Drug Toxicity Prediction and Elucidation

Jan 30

Dr. Mariano Buffone, National Scientific & Technical Research Council of Argentina

Location and regulation of acrosomal exocytosis: from in vitro to in vivo observations

Feb 6

Dr. Hari Shroff, National Institute of Biomedical Imaging & Bioengineering

High speed biological imaging at and beyond the diffraction limit

Feb 13

Christine Lin, SBME PhD Student (Webinar)

Microengineered Co-cultures of Promary Human Hepatocytes and Kupffer Macrophages for Drug Disposition Studies

Feb 20

Jackson Lewis, SBME PhD Student

Nanostructure-driven replication of soft tissue biomechanics in a thermoplastic elastomer hydrogel

Feb 27

Kanti Nepal , SBME Masters Student

Saleh Alzahrani, SBME Masters Student

Superdiffusive motion of membrane-targeting C2 domains

P300 Wave Detection Using Emotiv EPOC+ Headset: Effects of Matrix Size, Flash Duration, and Colors

March 6

Dr. Arun Kota, CSU

Surfaces with Extreme Repellence to Liquids & Solids: Designs and Applications

March 13

Spring Break - no seminar


March 20

Molly Hischke, SBME Masters Student

Rear Suspension Decreases Vibration and Impact Transmission in Manual Tilt-In-Space Wheelchairs

March 27

Dr. Diego Mantovani, Laval University

Nanocoatings, degradable metals and cellularised scaffolds for regenerative medicine

April 3

Ben Wheatley, PhD Student

Skeletal muscle finite element analysis: a validated approach to modeling muscle force and intramuscular pressure

April 10

Dr. Peter Johnson, MedSurgPI, LLC and Scintellix, LLC

Approaching the Complexity of Product Development in Tissue Engineering

April 17

Hannah Pauly, SBME PhD Student

Development of a polymer scaffold for ligament replacement

April 24

Dr. David Bark, CSU


May 1

Dr. James Bamburg, CSU


May 8

Finals Week - no seminar


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