Biomedical Engineering Society

The Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) student chapter at Colorado State University is a professional society for students interested in the vast field of bioengineering such as tissue engineering, development of prosthetics and much more within the subclasses of regenerative medicine, biosensors, and multimodal imaging. Our main interest is to promote and enhance biomedical engineering knowledge worldwide and its utilization for the health and well-being of humankind. The national organization also has information about BME careers.

Our goal is to connect students with industry, research, and one another. Each semester BMES hosts numerous events including presentations and panels about what to expect when job interviewing and best interview practices. We also participated in various company site tours including visits to AlloSource and Medtronic. We have a great time, whether it is socially or professionally, and encourage you to join!

Current Officers:
President - Jackie Foss;
Vice President - Luis Monterrosa Zavaleta;
Treasurer - Aaron Telesz;

Secretary - Dolly Ricapor;

For more information or to get involved in BMES, please contact the BMES President or Secretary or (academic adviser).