Scholarship support at all levels provides critical aid to our students. We strive to help as many students as possible with the financial obligations of their engineering education. Here are the stories of our scholarship recipients to date.

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SBME Scholarship Recipients PDF

This scholarship supports graduate and undergraduate students pursuing careers in biomedical engineering who show a commitment to leadership and excel as creative problem-solvers.

2017/18 Award Winner

Tyler Daniels has demonstrated leadership skills working in the Therapeutic Materials and Biointerfacial Research Laboratory at CSU, attaining his Eagle Scout rank in the Boy Scouts of America, and serving as a resident assistant on campus. A Daniels Scholar, Tyler has also worked every semester, often working multiple jobs. After graduation, he hopes to work in genetics, specifically DNA manipulation, to help cure cancer and other life-long diseases.

2016/17 Award Winner

Hannah Robinson demonstrated leadership in designing a new lab for students taking machine dynamics. Robinson’s lab allows students to design a four-bar mechanism representing components of the human knee and testing their design on 3D printed bones. In the future, she hopes to work with a medical device company and utilize her background to improve patient care.

2015/16 Award Winner

Hannah Mikelson served as president of the Society of Women Engineers-CSU Chapter and collegiate senator for the Society of Women Engineers-Region I (covering the central region of the U.S.). In addition, she participated in a co-op at Zimmer Biomet, an internship at Osypka Medtec and has accepted a full-time offer to be a quality engineer after she graduates in May 2018.

2014/15 Award Winners

Craig Ewell is a first-generation student who was raised by a single parent and who held various leadership roles on campus. As Craig once posted on social media, “From start to finish, CSU has been nothing but a blessing in my life! I have loved every moment of my time here. I am and will always be a RAM for life!” Craig works as an electronic sales engineer for Phoenix Contact.

Megan Rives is a single mom who is also a first-generation student. Her strong academics, commitment to her professional field, and her ability to overcome life’s obstacles demonstrate the spirit of the SBME Scholarship. Megan spent her summers in college working as an engineering intern at Terumo BCT, Tolmar Inc., and Woodward, Inc. After graduating from CSU, she accepted a mechanical engineering position at Woodward, Inc.



Joan King Scholarship Recipients PDF

The Joan King Endowed Memorial Scholarship supports students with an interest in biomedical sciences or engineering and with an eye toward sharing their talents with the world in the context of work/life balance. Applicants are encouraged to address their unique greatness and how they use it to make a difference in the world.

2017/18 Award Winners

Patricia Stasiowski is a first-generation who entered CSU as a biomedical engineering and chemical and biological engineering major. She was inspired to pursue these fields of study after watching her cousin recover from a horrific car accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. She hopes to create a medical device for paraplegics and quadriplegics that will help them walk again. An active leader, Patricia is vice-president of the CSU International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers and a member of the Society of Women Engineers and Kappa Kappa Gamma.

Savannah Sandvick is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biomedical science and is looking to become a physician’s assistant in the field of orthopedics so that she can help others live a more healthy and balanced life. Funding her own education, she is extremely grateful for this scholarship award and is looking forward to receiving coaching by members of the Colorado Women of Influence.

2016/17 Award Winners

Jennifer Brooks is a wife and mother who looks forward to pursuing a career in healthcare (general surgery, cardiology, or OB/GYN) that will bring her talents to people in need. In May 2017, she graduated from CSU with a Bachelor of Science in biomedical science and plans to attend medical school. She looks forward to someday provide medical missions in developing countries.

Emily Li is a first generation student who entered CSU as a biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering major. In addition, she is pursuing a minor in business administration. She placed second and received partial scholarship funding. Emily’s experience working in the biomaterials research lab has inspired her to pursue a graduate degree and hopes to eventually help manufacture new and improved medical devices.

2015/16 Award Winner

Katie Lawrence received bachelor’s degrees in biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering in May 2016. She worked as an intern for Wolf Robotics and created 3D visual simulations of cells, helping Wolf customers find creative and innovative solutions. Katie is currently working at Nordson Medical as a product development engineer.