Director’s Message

The Power of Collaboration

As the School of Biomedical Engineering celebrates its 10th anniversary, we look back on its inception built on collaborative relationships and discussions among CSU faculty from around the University. A cornerstone question to all faculty interested in joining SBME is who they are collaborating with in the program and who they look forward to collaborating with in the future. That spirit has led to projects that sometimes include SBME faculty from three of the four colleges that comprise SBME.

As SBME matures we remain open to finding creative ways to share knowledge and resources in our backyard and around the world. We start simply by having an engineering program online that allows students the ability to earn a Master of Engineering degree. This brings us in contact with students from all walks of industry and from diverse locations around the globe. More recently, we have stepped up efforts at the undergraduate level by arranging a partnership with the Range of Motion Project (ROMP), an international nonprofit organization based in Denver, to take a group of students to Ecuador. We have extended that interest to the broader SBME community in discussions with Zubaida Bai (CEO, Ayzh, Inc), faculty in Rwanda interested in starting a new degree program in biomedical engineering, and people with interests in helping underserved communities in Colorado and surrounding states.

As discussions among collaborative faculty drove the creation of SBME, discussions with professionals in industry stressed the need for recruiting engineers with biomedical engineering knowledge. To address this need, we created an innovative BME undergraduate degree program, focused on traditional engineering disciplines: electrical, mechanical, and chemical and biological. Our students earn two bachelor degrees, giving them a competitive advantage when seeking employment.

As our undergraduate student enrollment grows (currently, over 400 students), we continue to seek partnerships with industry to sponsor multidisciplinary team capstone projects. This year, we have partnerships with AlloSource, Applied Medical, Sharklet Technologies, and Terumo BCT. By utilizing young, vibrant minds, these companies are not only exploring new concepts, but are also gaining recruiting exposure to our graduating engineers.

The power of collaboration is key to expanding our students’ real-world experience, creating new knowledge among scientists, and helping industry see new solutions through fresh, young eyes. Collaborative opportunities are endless in the SBME. To learn more visit

Together, we are stronger. I invite you to contact me at with your ideas on how we can build a mutually beneficial partnership.

Stuart Tobet, Director