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Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Charge?
    Charge is Colorado State University's crowdfunding initiative. CSU programs and organizations can showcase their projects and outline their funding priorities. Donors can choose projects at CSU that interest them and support them with a gift, allowing donors to choose where their dollars make a direct impact at CSU.

    How is Charge different from other crowdfunding platforms?
    Funds raised through Charge will directly benefit CSU programs and organizations. One hundred percent of gifts will go to the fund which benefits the respective program or project you support. Because of the charitable intent behind Charge, CSU cannot offer giftbacks or other perks in exchange for gifts to CSU. Some projects will have deadlines and very specific goals, others may be ongoing.

    How do I participate as a donor?
    Once you have selected the project(s) you would like to support, fill in a dollar amount you would like to give (there is a $10 minimum) to each project. Complete the giving form and then spread the word! You can share your support of Charge projects on social media, encouraging others to support projects at CSU as well.

    Where does my gift go?
    Your gift will support funds at CSU held by the CSU Foundation, a 501(c)(3). All gifts to CSU projects are directed to the fund indicated on the online giving form. One hundred percent of your gift will benefit the program you support. Please consult your tax adviser to determine the tax-deductibility of your gift.

    What happens if a project doesn't reach its goal?
    Because Charge is a little different from other crowdfunding platforms, all gifts will be processed to the gift fund which benefits the respective program or project you support. While some projects will have specific goals and timelines, others may be ongoing.

    I live overseas, can I still give?
    At this time, Charge is equipped to process gifts from only domestic donors.

    What is Community Funded's relationship to this project?
    Charge was built in partnership with Community Funded, LLC, and its "Empowered By" product. Community Funded is a Fort Collins-based company, founded by CSU alumni.

    Who is eligible to participate in Charge?
    CSU academic programs and CSU athletics programs are eligible for participation. No individual may benefit from the funds raised by Charge.

    How does my CSU organization participate in Charge?
    Upon completion of the beta testing period, in Fall 2013, CSU programs and organizations will be eligible to participate in Charge. Official guidelines and requirements will be available in the fall that will outline the terms that programs must follow in order to participate. For more information or for questions, please contact Meg Weber at or (970)-491-7737.

    What do you mean by beta test?
    At this time, CSU is introducing Charge with limited options for programs to support. We are taking this project for a test-drive and hope to spend time this summer working out some of the issues that may come up before we unveil Charge to the whole campus. This means you may encounter bugs while using this site. We would appreciate your help in fixing these by letting us know about them. We hope that Charge will be ready in December 2013, but it is important to us that a project of this magnitude is done well, so we may need a little extra time to work it all out.

    My question is apparently not frequently asked, whom do I call to get it answered?
    Start with Meg Weber, executive director of Annual Giving and Donor Relations: or (970)-491-7737. If your question is about the specific program or project you would like to fund, the contact information is on that page.