Tanner Foreman

Tanner Foreman

My name is Tanner Foreman, and I am studying Engineering Science with a concentration in Education. Since my first year at Colorado State University, I have had many great opportunities to succeed and be involved here with my fellow rams. I never regret a single day here going to CSU!

I lived in Edwards Hall my freshman year, and have already been able to participate in many activities here at CSU. This includes many great clubs and events that are held here at CSU. I have been involved in religious groups on campus, through which I have been able to grow and find a home through that. I also love being active. My freshman year, I played on the Club Ultimate Frisbee Team which was a great where I was able to meet a lot of different people outside of my engineering community. I have also played on many intramural teams which can be almost equally competitive as club sports. The mountains are close by, which means I can go hiking, biking, and snowboarding during the year. All of these are easily accessible here at CSU.

I am from Littleton, Colorado, which is 30 minutes south-west of Denver. I have been enjoying colorful Colorado for a long time and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else which is why I am so glad that I chose to come to CSU. Fort Collins is Fantastic! There are many attractive places to visit, including Horsetooth Reservoir, the quaint shops in Old Town, and even the beautiful CSU campus where my friends and I like to hammock. Fort Collins allows for all of these great activities and so much more.

My first engineering professor was vital to helping me decide what I wanted to do. In fact, every one of the engineering professors I’ve had for class has been very kind to help me whenever I needed more explanation from lecture or on my assignments. Going into office hours and getting tutoring at The Institution of Learning and Teaching (TILT) at CSU has also been very helpful for me to further understand much of the material covered in my classes. I have also noticed how much our professors actually care—they are genuinely invested in helping their students to be successful. I have been shown a path that I want to take for my future career, and in turn, I have been encouraged to walk that same path by professors, advisors, and fellow engineers.

Now, going into my sophomore year at CSU, I am extremely excited to continue along the engineering path that I’ve chosen. Being a student ambassador for the Scott College of Engineering has provided me with the opportunity to get to know many other engineers and more about their different engineering studies. It has also given me the chance to verbalize what I am learning to others and to test what I’ve truly learned along with building other skills that I would not have been able to otherwise.

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  • Engineering Science / Engineering Open Option Major Options
  • Balancing School, Sports, and Social Life
  • Club & Intramural Sports
  • Mountain Activities & Snow Sports
  • Christian Groups/Organizations

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