My name is Ryan Baeverstad and I am currently a Junior at CSU studying Biomedical and Chemical and Biological engineering. Since day one, CSU has provided me with so many amazing opportunities – both academically and socially. I can’t imagine being anywhere else!

The Engineering program at CSU is focused on the students and offers us so much. From my first day on campus, I have felt welcome and immersed in all of my classes, developing one-on-one relationships with professors and other faculty. Also, being a part of the Honors Program at CSU has allowed me to participate in smaller classes and priority registration, further enhancing my experience and helping me to develop a strong community of friends and colleagues within my course of study.

Growing up in Fort Collins, people often ask me: “Why would you stay in your hometown for college?” Why wouldn’t I want to stay in Fort Collins and CSU? There is always something to do in Fort Collins, whether you are visiting Old Town, hiking, swimming at Horsetooth Reservoir, or going to ski resorts less than 2 hours away. CSU on its own has so much for its students to participate in. Personally, I have become involved in Greek Life, Intramural Sports, Engineering clubs, and religious organizations. I have found that college is all about the experience; yes — academics are super important, but so are making amazing relationships, trying new things, and really making the most out of your time at CSU. The college experience I was hoping for has been exceeded in so many ways by CSU.

Entering my Junior year at CSU, I have really discovered what engineering is like and why it is the perfect match for what I hope to achieve in the future. My role as a Student Ambassador for the college has given me several opportunities to connect with a wide range of people – within the industry and in academia, and helped to cement what I hope to do in the future. Further, by joining clubs like AIChE (American Institute for Chemical Engineers) as well as ChemE Car, I have been able to further my education outside the classroom and apply it towards things that truly interest me.

Overall, CSU has been incredible! From my first step on campus, I was immediately welcomed into an awesome community of friends and been given the opportunity to excel academically in different ways. I am proud to call myself a CSU Ram!

Email me if you have any questions about:

  • Biomedical Engineering / Chemical & Biological Engineering
  • Balancing School and Social Life
  • Greek Life
  • Engineering Clubs/Involvement
  • Mountain/Snow Activities
  • Intramural Sports
  • Running in Fort Collins
  • Honors Program
  • My Hometown of Fort Collins

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