Hello! My name is Megan Andrade and I am a sophomore here at CSU, studying Chemical and Biological Engineering with a minor in Business Administration. I am originally from Wilton, California which is a small rural town south of Sacramento. I love CSU and the community that not only encompasses the campus, but also Fort Collins as a city. Every day that I am walking to and from class I appreciate the beauty of the campus and how awesome it is to look up at the mountains and see the “A” that I helped to paint last year as a part of a CSU tradition. I have had such a great and unique experience here at CSU that I intend to make Colorado my permanent home after graduation.
Fort Collins is a great town that makes all the college students feel welcome. After a big football game victory, the town celebrates with the community. All the business surrounding CSU are supportive of CSU students and any CSU gear earns you an extra big smile or sometimes some stories from past Alumni. No matter what you love to do, there is a place for it on downtown Fort Collins, whether it be hiking there is Horsetooth, shopping at Ragstock, or just enjoying a book and delicious coffee at the Alleycat.
My freshman year I was lucky enough to live in Academic Village Engineering community. It is great to live in a hall in which all those that are surrounding you understand the challenges that come with engineering, and also with fellow students that have common classes so it is easy to find someone to study with or work on a tough assignment with. Living in an engineering community also pushes me to strive to always do better.
I am a member of two engineering societies on campus; Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AiCHE). These societies helped me to feel more welcomed into the College of Engineering and allowed me to meet some upperclassmen engineers that were more than happy to share their experiences with me and to tell me a little more about what is in store for me. These societies are also great because they bring in guest presenters that told me more about the jobs that are available to me once I graduate and how to go about getting these jobs; this was immensely helpful for me since I don’t yet have a specific job I am seeking after graduation.
CSU has challenged me academically and granted me the opportunity to learn more about those around me and the different experiences that people have and how that shapes their beliefs and personalities. The classes are academically rigorous, like Calculus 3 and Calculus based Physics, but it is a welcome challenge. On the weekends though I like to take a break from the Calculus and Physics and attend a football game in the fall, or a basketball game in the spring, cheering on my team and singing the fight song with my friends.
CSU has offered me many opportunities and I am glad that I was granted the chance to attend here because it is a great place to live and a great community that I am proud to be a part of. Please email me if you have any questions or just want to know more about CSU! Go Rams!

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