My name is Mauri Richards and I am a sophomore here at CSU studying Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering. I am so thankful that Fort Collins and CSU have become my home; I never thought that I could be so passionate for a university. This passion extends into education, sports teams, and the campus itself.

I lived in Corbett Hall my freshman year. Although this was a great experience, I wish I would have lived in Academic Village because that is where all of my friends were! We still joke that AV was my real home and that I never really lived at Corbett, I just slept there. This is more than true. AV had all of the resources that I needed for printing, study spaces, and programs that I needed for classes on the Engineering Network.

I am from Lakewood, Colorado which is twenty minutes southwest of Denver. As soon as I began my college search, I knew that I wanted to stay in colorful Colorado. I was raised to spend any time that I could outside—whether it was camping, hiking, running, boating, riding my dirt bike, or just going for a nice walk to enjoy the 300 plus days of sunshine. These are all fantastic activities that I have been able to pursue in Fort Collins. Horsetooth is an amazing retreat that is only minutes away from campus and if you need a good study break, the stars are astounding. One of my favorite things about CSU and Fort Collins is that we are all a part of the same community. Everyone is so friendly and truly loves being in Fort Collins. This is easy to see as one takes a walk through old town, shops in Curiosities, Nature’s Own, or grabs a huge cinnamon roll at Silver Grill Café. People love their town and are very passionate about CSU.

Almost all of my outdoorsy activities have transferred to CSU, but I have picked up some new passions! I love dancing the night away with the CSU Swing Dance Society where I learn something new and meet someone new every week at the lessons. I have been heavily involved in Engineering College Council (ECC) which I joined due to my Leaders in Freshman Engineering (LIFE) club. This year, I am a LIFE Co-Director. These clubs have allowed me to feel a part of the CSU community and meet more people. Also, I volunteered in the Orthopaedic and Bioengineering Research Lab here at CSU as a freshman. I helped to mechanically test samples of tissue, sat in on surgery, and processed data. This experience made me realize that engineering was right for me. Although CSU is a fairly large university, it feels small because the engineering community is simply fantastic.

Academically, the rigor of the College of Engineering here at CSU has never kept me bored! I attend office hours daily to clarify information with professors or TA’s. TILT (the institute for learning and teaching) has free tutoring Sunday through Thursday nights that helps with general classes such as Chemistry, Math, and Calculus. If I am not outside exploring or in classes, I am probably in TILT. This year I have been able to give back through the Learning Assistant position that is inundated by TILT for the Introduction to Biomedical Engineering class. I hold office hours to give other engineers ideas for their projects for the class, help them with homework, or clarify a confusing topic in class. CSU truly cares about helping students to understand all that they can.

CSU has become my home and I cannot wait to see what the next four years have in store for me. Email me if you have any questions!

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