Joshua Leasure

Joshua Leasure

My name is Joshua Leasure and I am a junior studying Mechanical Engineering at CSU. I was born and raised in Colorado Springs, CO and by my junior year in high school, I knew that Colorado State University was the place for me. I am now going into my third year here at CSU and I could not be happier with my choice of university and area of study.

I began my college search hoping to break away from my ties in Colorado and thus I applied to various colleges across the country. However, nothing could beat what I saw at CSU. The community that I found at CSU and in Fort Collins is more like that of a tight knit family than of a bunch of students. The professors are down to earth and genuinely care about “passing the baton of engineering to the next generation”. The outdoor mindset found almost everywhere in Colorado is especially prevalent in Fort Collins and as an avid rock climber, mountain biker, backpacker, and explorer this was especially important to me.

My freshman year, I lived in Academic Village (AV) in the Engineering residence hall where I fell in with a fantastic group of fellow Mechanical Engineers. As engineering is heavily reliant on study groups, AV was extremely beneficial for me and many of the friends that I have today can be traced back to my freshman residence hall experiences. As a first year student, I also decided to reach out and explore the different activities that CSU has to offer. I attended meetings for Engineers Without Borders and The American Society of Mechanical Engineers. I decided that I wanted most of my free time to be spent outside of the world of engineering and began attending swing dances put on by the CSU Swing Society every Wednesday night.

My sophomore year, I moved off campus to Rams Pointe with three of the people I had met in AV. For my second year, I decided to take on a large class load and focused almost all of my time and energy into my classwork. My goal was to complete the entire math, science, and non-engineering credits by my second year so that my last two years could be dedicated to classes within my major. Though it was difficult, my professors and study groups helped me to succeed and I am benefitting tremendously this year.

While studying engineering at CSU, I have been fortunate enough to have three internships. The first was with Crandall Engineering where I learned about control systems and designed, built, and tested a 24-zone control panel for radiant heating and cooling. The second was with Titan Robotics where I assisted in assembling industrial-sized 3D printers. Specifically, I worked on Cronos, the fastest 3D printer that existed in the world at the time, and it debuted at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. I most recently had an internship in Rocky Mount, NC with Cummins, Inc. Here, I worked for plant support where I would investigate failures within the plant and make design changes in order to save money and solve issues, optimizing their production capabilities and efficiency.

Living in North Carolina this past summer helped emphasize the fantastic things that CSU has to offer. It made me extremely grateful for the community here and the education I have received. I could not imagine being anywhere else!

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