Hannah Gridley

Hannah Gridley

My name is Hannah Gridley and I am a sophomore here at CSU studying Environmental Engineering. I did not plan on studying engineering when I was originally admitted to CSU because I didn’t think I had what it took to be an engineer. Despite this I took a shot at becoming an engineer and now, going into my second year, I have never been so thankful for my decision to follow my curiosity towards becoming an Environmental Engineer.

Coming into my freshman year, I did not think I could adapt to such a new environment so quickly. I lived at my house in Pueblo, CO for 18 years, and in just one month of living in Fort Collins, I found myself calling Fort Collins Home. My freshman year, I was fortunate enough to participate in the ENpower program, which is designed to help diverse students in engineering adapt before classes start. Through this program I was able to move-in early, listen to different seminars on how to be successful in engineering, and experience the CSU mountain campus up in Estes Park as well as getting to familiarize myself with the CSU campus before any of the other freshmen moved-in. This transition into both my first year of college and also to into engineering gave me the motivation and determination that I needed in order to be successful. I was able to see that with the right habits and control of your education, no degree is out of reach, especially if it is your passion.

Going into my freshman year, I lived in Edwards Hall, which is the residence hall right next to Academic Village (AV), where the main engineering residence hall is.  I lived in a community style dorm hall with women who were not in my major. The hall on the other side was an Engineering Learning Community for the male engineers in Edwards, so I had some great friends as engineering resources right across the hall. One of my best friends (who I met from the ENpower program) lived in the engineering residence hall in AV which has a computer lab on the first level that all engineers have access to, no matter where you live. I was so grateful to live in Edwards because all the resources I needed to be successful in engineering as a freshman were all surrounding me.

When we are not in the classroom, many students go up to Horsetooth Reservoir to hike, swim, or just hang out. There are also many IM sports at CSU; from flag football and inner tube water polo to indoor soccer and basketball, along with all the club sports teams, there is always something to do to stay moving. Here in Fort Collins, there is always something to do, on or off of campus, whether it is a stress relieving activity or a part-time job. Each semester so far, I have had two jobs along with my engineering credits because I personally need to stay busy to manage my time effectively. On my down time, I like to spend time with my friends and I love to explore all the cafes and restaurants in Fort Collins!

If you have any questions about anything, as I am more than happy to help out and to tell you more!

Ask me about:

  • Environmental Engineering
  • going to school as an in-state student
  • living in Edwards Hall and in a focused community hall
  • the various activities to do in Fort Collins and in Colorado
  • The ENpower Engineering program
  • All of the activities to do at CSU

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