Mechanical Engineering & Biomedical Engineering-Mechanical Engineering (BME-MECH) Admissions Requirements

(effective Fall 2017)

How to Apply


Current students who are interested in changing their major into Mechanical Engineering or Biomedical-Mechanical Engineering must submit a waitlist application. For your application to be considered, the requirements below must be met at the end of the current semester:

  • 3.0 cumulative GPA (based on grades from other institutions and CSU).
  • Grades of B or better in both:
    • (a) MATH160 (Calculus I) or a higher level and
    • (b) Either CHEM111 (General Chem. I) *OR* PH141 (Physics) or higher levels.
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA in all math/science/engineering courses.
  • Nothing less than a C in any required math/science course taken prior to admissions into major.
  • Students must meet these requirements by 45 CSU credits if they entered CSU as a first-year student, or by 30 credits if they are a transfer student.

Please click here to view all undergraduate requirements on CSU’s Admissions page.

Questions about applying to MECH? Contact the Office of Admissions.