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Motion Lab

Engineering B6

motion labThe motion lab is a teaching lab dedicated in demonstrating theories of dynamic motion and its control. The lab serves primarily junior and senior level courses such as dynamics of machines, mechanical vibrations, and control systems.

This lab supports Mech 324.

Specific experiments include:

  • A four bar mechanism tester which demonstrates basic kinematic principles.
  • A cam testing machine rigged with both roller and flat faced followers that are used to plot the displacement output as designed by the students.
  • Several vibration experiments including multi degree of freedom cart systems and a dynamic absorber station.
  • Rotor kits designed to give practical demonstration of rotordynamic theories and dynamic balancing.
  • Vibration measurement instrumentation include four 24 channel instruments, modal hammers, various accelerometers, dynamic strain gauges, and microphones.
  • Active control system stations that model torsional, pendulum, and inertial load control.

Plans for future experiments include a reciprocating compressor simulator as well as an acrylic multistage gearbox.


Mechanical Engineering Vibrations Lab