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Materials Lab

Engineering B8

materials lab

The Materials Teaching Laboratory supports the MECH331 - Introduction to Engineering Materials class that is a requirement for students in Mechanical Engineering. 10 Laboratory experiments are performed, by groups of 3 - 4 students, throughout the academic semester. The purpose of the experiments is to allow the students to develop a better physical appreciation for concepts discussed in the lecture portion of the class. Students do cantilever bend tests on metal, glass, polymer and fiber reinforced composite rods to determine the effect of heat treatments and environmental conditioning on the strength of materials. For the metallic specimens they also investigate the microstructure corresponding to various heat treatments, by using the metallurgical microscopes in the laboratory and capturing the images to the associated computers. To further understand the details of how the strengthening mechanisms affect both the microstructure and corresponding strength, the students utilize the laboratory microhardness testers to measure the hardness on individual phases that are present. Diffusion, electrical properties and the effects of corrosive environments are also studied in the laboratory.