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EcoCAR 2 Goals

EcoCar2 Architecture

Year 1 Technical Goals (2011-2012)

  • Focuses on modeling and simulation of advanced vehicle powertrain design and powertrain subsystem testing and development.
  • Students use math-based models and modeling tools, with special emphasis given to the team's decision making and selection process to choose the vehicle powertrain and subsystems that meet the competition's goals and the team-specific goals of EcoCAR 2.
  • Teams will also bench test hardware and develop control software for future migration to their vehicles.
  • Only the EcoCAR 2 teams that demonstrate their viability will receive a donated 2013 Chevrolet Malibu at the conclusion of Year 1

Year 2 Technical Goals (2012- 2013)

  • Build upon the efforts of Year 1.
  • Teams integrate their designs, thus converting their production vehicles into a 65%-buy off level of vehicle readiness in terms of production-ready hardware/software, vehicle performance, vehicle integration, consumer appeal,
  • Teams are required to deliver a working vehicle to the Year 2 competition that demonstrates their advanced powertrain. Emphasis is placed on basic functionality, since the vehicles are in an unrefined state. However, vehicles are still put through rigorous dynamic testing and evaluated for consumer appeal and drive quality.

Year 3 Technical Goals (2013-2014)

  • Challenges teams to reach a 99%-buy off level of vehicle readiness.
  • The vehicle's utility and performance are further developed by using off-board math modeling tools developed in the previous years, along with on-board testing and development.
  • The emphasis shifts toward consumer-driven aspects,



Business Goals:

1. Connect with local and regional businesses and organizations in order to bring attention to EcoCAR 2. Use these relationships to bring in sponsorship to the program.
2. Maintain and create new relationships within the university in order to facilitate growth of the program.
3. Develop and implement strategies to increase student involvement in EcoCAR 2 in technical and support areas.


Outreach Goals:

1. Ensure target audiences have a clear understanding of what hydrogen fuel cell plug-in technology is and how it benefits the future through communication with key influencers and media.
2. Increase positive awareness regarding Colorado State University’s involvement in the EcoCAR 2 competition – local and community level.
3. Make connections with sponsors to allow them to see the accomplishments of the CSU team.