CSU EcoCAR 2 Alumni

CSU EcoCAR 2 Year 2 Alumni photo: (2012-2013)


The CSU EcoCAR 2 Team maintains a professional group( On Linkedin) for past and present team members, as well as a listing of all past team members on this page.


Year 2 (2012-2013)


Team Leaders

Dr. Thomas Bradley

Dr. Thomas H. Bradley is Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Colorado State University. He has earned BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California " Davis, and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology with an emphasis in systems engineering and decision support. Primary research interests include the design of automotive, aerospace and energy systems; integrated controls and design optimization; and the validation of engineering design methods. Prior to his academic career, Bradley was sole proprietor of an independent consulting company, performing hybrid electric vehicle design and control modeling for the Electric Power Research Institute in support of vehicle development programs at Ford, Daimler Chrysler and BAE Systems. Specific expertise relative to the proposed project includes: the development of tools and methodologies for design, assessment and optimization of energy and power plant systems and hybrid vehicles.

Benjamin Geller

Benjamin Geller is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering with a focus on hybrid vehicle design methods. His previous work includes plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) evaluation at Idaho National Laboratory (INL), hybrid technology modeling at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), and design of a hydraulic hybrid retrofit for heavy diesels at Colorado State University.

Benjamin Geller also maintains a professional profile at this link.








Jake Bucher

Jake Bucher is a master’s student in Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University. Jake earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of California Davis. He has previously worked on dynamic modeling and simulation of a hydrostatic dynamometer, and development of a series hybrid commercial transport vehicle. His research interests include hybrid drive train design and analysis, especially in the field of commercial transportation.









Shawn Salisbury

Shawn Salisbury is a graduate student pursuing his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering and is interested in the design and development of hybrid vehicle technologies. He was a member of the CSU EcoCAR 2 team as a part of the Mechanical Engineering senior design program in year one of the competition. As a part of the energy storage team, he was mainly responsible for the design of the vehicle’s hydrogen storage and handling system.



The controls team is refining the current controller design through hardware in loop (HIL) testing. With HIL testing, the controller will be integrated with the GM-LAN, Battery ECU, Fuel Cell ECU, and Electric Motor ECU. By the end of the year, the team will have the installed controller inside the vehicle. The controls team is also responsible for Energy Management. Through Simulink modeling, the team will be able to optimize the Malibu’s hydrogen and battery usage for the spring competition.

Team lead: Mathew Stout

Matthew Stout is an undergraduate Mechanical Engineering student at Colorado State University and expects to graduate in May 2013. Matthew worked on Energy Management for CSU EcoCAR 2 over the summer. Now he is the Team Lead of the Controls Team for Year 2, and he hopes to work on hybrid electric vehicles in the automotive industry after college.










Peter Riedo

Peter is a senior Mechanical Engineering student who is working on the vehicle controls team. He is passionate about renewable energy and hybrid technology development. During his time at EPA Region 8 HQ, Peter worked with the Brownfields program. Last summer, Peter interned for Dr. Thomas Bradley increasing modeling fidelity and developing an energy management strategy. After graduation, he hopes to join a company dedicated to developing new and more sustainable technology. After working for a few years, Peter may choose to pursue a master’s degree in mechanical engineering with a focus in vehicle electrification.








Max Lillo

Max Lillo is a Mechanical Engineering student at Colorado State University. When he graduates he will have a double major in Mechanical Engineering and in Engineering Sciences. Max chose to participate in the EcoCar2 project because of his interest in green technologies and control systems. After graduating he would like to pursue a career in either aerospace industry or designing control systems. For now he looks forward to helping Colorado State win the EcoCar2 competition.









Todd Wallis

Todd Wallis is currently pursuing a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science with a minor in Mathematics. As an intern, he participated in the CSU space grant program sponsored by NASA, where his team built a payload for a weather balloon that mapped carbon emissions during atmospheric ascent. He is highly interested in research, production and implementation of Hybrid Electric technologies, more specifically energy management control strategies.










Edward Brinkhoff: Edward Brinkhoff is a student of Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University. Edward is originally from Bennett, Colorado (east of Denver) and his study focus is centered on Control Systems, along with interest in Thermodynamics. He enjoys playing sports, specifically baseball and football. Edward will graduate with his bachelor’s degree in May, 2013.


Ben Johnke

Ben is currently pursuing dual bachelor’s degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering. He enjoys having the opportunity to bring together knowledge from two broad fields of study to solve challenging problems, such as those faced each day by the CSU EcoCAR Controls team. Ben’s contributions to the team range from modeling and simulation to hardware system design. After graduating from CSU in May, Ben hopes to begin his career in control systems or mechatronics.









Energy Storage

With only three members, the Energy Storage Team is CSU’s smallest EcoCAR2 team. These three members are charged with the implementation and testing of the Malibu’s battery packs and high voltage system. With a focus on safety and accuracy, the team is preparing CSU for success at the spring competition.

Team lead: Allison Kotewicz

Besides being an Mechanical Engineering student, Allison loves the Earth, traveling, community service, and speaking Spanish. She studied abroad doing a semester at sea and aspires to work abroad in the future. She hopes to find a career as a project manager in the renewable energy field, but is up for trying just about anything! The challenge of learning something new is why she’s part of the EcoCAR 2 team.

Allison Kotewicz also maintains a professional profile on Linkedin.







Tyler Garcia



Matt Stallard

Matt Stallard is a senior Mechanical Engineering student at CSU. He has been interested in mechanical engineering since high school when he took an extracurricular robotics course where he learned about manufacturing, programming, and circuitry design. As his knowledge progressed, Matt became interested in product development and design engineering. With this drive, Matt hope’s to pursue these goals and find a career in one of these fields after he graduates in the spring.








User Interface

The user interface team has been tasked with designing a system capable of displaying the new features of the Chevy Malibu for EcoCAR2. This will enable the driver to get information quickly. The team also plans to design, develop and implement features not common in vehicles today; features which lead to a clean and informative user interface. The team is comprised of both electrical and mechanical engineers, enabling a sophisticated understanding of both the electrical and mechanical aspects of the vehicle as a whole.


Team lead: Nick Skadberg

Nick Skadberg, a native of Fort Collins, initially began college at the University of Las Vegas, double-majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Entertainment Engineering & Design. After three years there, he decided to transfer to the mechanical engineering program at CSU. While he is now pursuing a degree solely in mechanical engineering, he has also taken electrical and computer engineering courses, and hopes to pursue a career in automation, control systems and security system development.









Scott Suhr

Scott is a senior studying Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University. Since 2010, he has held internship as an Engineering Aide for Lock heed-Martin. Upon graduation, Scott plans to pursue a career in Systems Engineering and/or Satellite Operations. His interests include software design, orbital mechanics, and 3D modeling.










Andrew Winter

Andrew is a Mechanical Engineering senior who has interned with Dot Hill Systems, Corp. and VanDyne SuperTurbo, Inc. He is pursuing careers in the aerospace, defense and medical industries.











Bryce Wujek

Bryce Wujek is a senior majoring in Electrical Engineering and pursuing a Business Administration minor. Over the summer he works as an operations management intern at Spectra Logic in Boulder, CO. He is interested in electronics engineering, the power industry, and the automotive industry. In his spare time, he enjoys playing music at local bars in Northern Colorado. Ultimately, he would like a career in engineering management.









Dan Porter

Dan is an undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering, Dan has always been interested in electronics. This interest developed while he was a kid, when he aspired to become Q from the Bond films. His greatest interests are in mechatronics and computer systems, but the EcoCAR 2 project has expanded his interests to include user interface systems. Dan has developed many interpersonal and technical skills through his work at the CSU - Cancer Prevention Lab, service fraternity, and Boy Scouting. He is also from a military family and has achieved his Eagle Scout Award. He hopes to work for an automotive company, military contractor, or architecture firm. Dan Porter also maintains a professional profile on Linkedin.






Dave Daines

David is currently a senior at Colorado State pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering. When he’s not studying in the lab, he can usually be found skiing up in Breckenridge. He also enjoys singing and playing the guitar, hanging out with friends, playing basketball, tossing the Frisbee around, and long walks on the beach. David has traveled to every continent except Antarctica and lived in Guangzhou, China for six years. His hometown is in Bozeman, Montana and his favorite color is blue. David is easy going and loves to work hard and play hard.









The goals of the mechanical team are threefold. The first is to design and analyze the mounting scheme for a large battery box designed to fit underneath the rear seat. The second goal is to secure all powertrain components to the chassis; including the electric motor, transmission and CV shafts. The final goal is the packaging and mounting of all the systems being designed by the other CSU EcoCAR 2 teams. The mechanical team will also be responsible for disassembly of the stock 2013 Chevy Malibu, as well as reassembly of the FCPHEV in time for the vehicle inspection in March of 2013.

Team lead: Ben Neuner

Ben has been enthralled with Mechanical Engineering since he was a child. He is currently a senior in Mechanical Engineering here at CSU. Neuner enjoys working in innovative environments and is working at the Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory in the areas of exhaust after-treatment, alternative fuels and clean cook stoves for third world countries. He is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota and enjoys watching his hometown Twins play ball. In addition to working on engines and vehicles, he likes rock climbing, hiking with his dog and backpacking in the mountains.








Chris Fischer

Chris Fischer is a Mechanical Engineering student at CSU planning to graduate in spring of 2013. He moved from Dallas, Texas in 2006 and quickly realized Colorado was his home. In addition to his coursework, Chris currently works for Dr. Olsen at the CSU Engines Lab on the Cooperative Fuel Research Caterpillar Syngas project. With an associate’s degree in automotive technology, Chris has always had a passion for the automotive industry. However, the more he learns about the world from an engineering point of view, the more passionate he becomes about things like energy, efficiency, and design. Chris gets through the tough times of completing his undergrad in engineering with the support of his family, including his daughter Bailey, and by being creative. It seems that when it comes to engineering, Chris is very easily entertained.






Ryan Zilly

Ryan Zilly is a fifth year senior at Colorado State University currently working on his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Born in Denver, Colorado, he is an avid outdoors men with a passion for biking, camping, hiking and snowboarding. Being affiliated with the engineering program, he has worked on a number of different projects including: a rescue robot, a duck hunt game, engine analysis, and hydraulic lab testing. Along with these experiences and his basic engineering classes, he has displayed leadership in working environments and provided customer satisfaction. Ryan Zilly is currently pursuing a future in alternative energy by helping the Mechanical Team of EcoCAR2 to implement innovative and creative ways of assembling a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.







Zach Stephens

Zach Stephens has always known Mechanical Engineering was for him, and has gained interest in structural analysis while studying at CSU. Internships and projects have allowed Zach to gain experience with CAD/FEA, electromechanical systems, and manufacturing processes. Zach is eager to apply experience from the EcoCAR 2 competition toward reaching his career goals. After graduating, he plans to continue his education in mechanical engineering with a focus in either mechanics and materials or controls.








Aron Seader

Aron Seader is a senior Mechanical Engineering major at CSU originally from Longmont, Colorado. Since a very young age he has been interested in anything mechanical, especially the automotive world. He has always enjoyed taking things apart, putting them back together, and improving the efficiency along the way. Seader has really enjoyed everything he has learned at CSU, especially the projects he has been a part of. These projects include an intelligent toolbox, which was published in Design News Magazine. As for a career he would enjoy working on cutting edge design problems to solve pressing issues. One issue that is particularly intriguing to him is discovering an effective alternative fuel. He has been pondering an answer to this problem since he saw Michel J. Fox use a can of garbage to fuel his time machine, in Back to the Future. Seader loves the great outdoors (hiking, camping, snowboarding, four-wheeling, etc.), any adrenaline sport, and hanging out with his close family and friends.


Fuel Cell

The fuel cell team is responsible for designing and constructing a range extending power generation system for the EcoCAR. In order to ensure efficient and reliable functioning, members will construct a controller to govern fuel cell operation. The team will also install safety systems to protect users from the hazards associated with hydrogen use.

Team lead: Daniel Way

Daniel is excited to be a part of the EcoCAR 2 project. He started studying engineering because he was interested in design. After he graduates in the spring of 2012, Daniel would like to work abroad as a researcher or product designer (especially in Japan). Future career goals include becoming a project manager and working in the aerospace industry.










Joe Gerdom

Joe is a graduating senior in Mechanical Engineering and also holds a bachelors’ degree in Business Administration. He has a long-standing interest in all things automotive, especially in racing. His interest in alternative fuel technologies is what led him to pursue a degree in engineering. With a background in technical product development and project management, he hopes to be a part of the cutting edge of automotive product design.









Josh Staley

Josh is a senior in the Mechanical Engineering program at CSU. He grew up on a farm and has been repairing vehicles since he was 10 years old. Josh looks forward to furthering his education and gaining hands-on experience with alternative energies (especially hydrogen fuel cells) through the EcoCAR 2 project. His hope is that this experience will open the door for future employment within the automotive industry.









Graham Large


Ethan Franck

Ethan is a Mechanical Engineering student with a minor in Business Administration. Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Ethan moved to Colorado and attended Heritage High School in Littleton, CO. He has been interested in fuel cell technology for a number of years and is very excited to have the opportunity to work on a project developing a vehicle that uses this technology. Ethan is now working part-time as a Manufacturing Engineer for Droplet Measurement Technologies in Boulder, CO. Ethan has been developing strategies to increase production efficiency of the instruments built at the manufacturing facility, and hopes to continue his career working in the aerospace industry after graduation in May of 2013.








Bill Engelking

Bill is a senior in Mechanical Engineering scheduled to graduate in the spring of 2013. He got his interest in mechanical systems and power engineering through his work with small aircraft. He has held his Private Pilot Certificate for six years and would like to pursue a career either in light aircraft design or power system design.











Emily Keats (Communications Manager)

Emily Keats is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Public Communication and Technology through the Department of Journalism and Technical Communication. While her research interests do not center on advanced vehicle technology, she greatly enjoys her position as the Communications Manager for the EcoCAR 2 team because it provides her with excellent experience in the public relations and marketing realm.










Mary Timby (Year1 Communications Manager, currently serving as Outreach Team Consultant)

Former Outreach Coordinator Mary Timby now works as Communications Coordinator at Bohemian Foundation in Fort Collins, Colorado. Mary is responsible for press relations, web and social media, communications strategy, research and LOTS of writing.

"My work as the Outreach Coordinator for CSU's EcoCAR 2 team helped me get where I am today. The EcoCAR 2 outreach program mimics what professional public relations and communications do everyday, so it definitely eased my transition from a student to a working professional. I am proud to call myself an EcoCAR 2 grad!"








Miles Rand

Miles Rand (Communications and Business Coordinator)


Miles Rand also maintains a professional profile on Linkedin.





Joe Gerdom (Business Manager)

Joe Gerdrom (Business Manager)


Miles Rand

Miles Rand (Communications and Business Coordinator)


Miles Rand also maintains a professional profile on Linkedin.








Year 1 Team members:









CSU EcoCAR 2 Year 1 Alumni photo: (2011-2012)


Jason Quinn

Matthew Fox


Powertrain Team

Philip Karlberg(Team Lead):

Caleb Alvarado (Budget Coordinator/ Cooling Systems Lead):

StevenSewell(CAD/CFD Analysis Lead):

Zack Beikmann (Hardware in the Loop and vehicle analysis):

Travis Stroth

Energy Storage Team

Matt Zevenbergen:

Jonathan Long:

Jon Miksch:

Fresh out of graduation with a degree in mechanical engineering Jon started work with Otterbox. Jon works in the Research and Design department working on multiple new and innovative products. Jon will soon transition into being one of the case designers at Otterbox. His interests are still in the field of aerospace and is working towards a future in space vehicle design. He attributes much of his success to the EcoCAR 2 project, wishes the best for current and future students, and thanks the faculty for all their help before and after graduation. "Big thanks to the PR team as well, they make us look way better than we ever could have on our own." -Jon Miksch

Zachary Koelling:

Jonathan Bullock:


Controls Team

James Abington:

Patrick Barrett:

Chris Hargett:

Kasey Ackerman:

Mohammad Malakoutirad:

Thomas Kubic:

Hassan Habib:

Accessories Team

Cutter Shea:

Noel Marshall:


Outreach Team

Mary Timby (Outreach Coordinator 2011-2012)


Mary Timby: Former Outreach Coordinator Mary Timby now works as Communications Coordinator at Bohemian Foundation in Fort Collins, Colorado. Mary is responsible for press relations, web and social media, communications strategy, research and LOTS of writing.

"My work as the Outreach Coordinator for CSU's EcoCAR 2 team helped me get where I am today. The EcoCAR 2 outreach program mimics what professional public relations and communications do everyday, so it definitely eased my transition from a student to a working professional. I am proud to call myself an EcoCAR 2 grad!"


Leslie Howerton (Outreach Coordinator 2011-2012)


Miles Rand (Outreach Assistant 2011-2012)


Miles Rand: Former outreach assistant during year 1.


Prior to the beginning of year 1:

Kelly Fagerstone - MS 2011-Quantitative Measurement of Direct Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Microalgae Cultivation
Currently working for: Colorado State University


Grant Rhoads - MS 2012- Design tools development for small scale vertical takeoff and landing UAVs.
Currently working for: Colorado State University


Nicholas Wagner - MS 2011- Development and Testing of a Breath-controlled, Servo-actuated Powered Air Purifying Respirator
Currently working for: General Electric


Casey Quinn - MS 2011 State of Charge Resolved Modeling of Vehicle to Grid Systems
Currently working for: NSG Engineering Solutions


Eric Wood - MS 2011- Investigation of Battery End- of- Life Conditions for Plug- in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Currently working for: National Renewable Energy Laboratory


Markus Lutz - MS 2012- Development of an Electric-drive Powertrain Test Stand and Battery-to-Grid Storage Test Stand
Currently working for: BMW North America


Barbara Davis - MS 2010-Understanding the Effects and Infrastructure Needs of Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) Charging
Currently working for: Electric Power Research Institute


Other alumni contributors:

AFOSR fuel cell motorcycle project: Erin Bickley, Matt Boley, Scott Brown, Steven Clark, Benjamin Gindl, Davis Hemenway, Russ Miskulin, Rebecca Beegles