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Program & Requirements

The mechanical engineering undergraduate curriculum at CSU is designed to provide both classroom learning and on-campus experiential engineering. A number of courses have incorporated laboratory and design projects into the classroom experience.


During the freshman year, students learn the basic fundamentals of physical sciences and mathematics, and are introduced to the mechanical engineering profession and practice.

In the sophomore year, basic engineering courses in mechanics and thermodynamics, as well as introductory design courses are taken.

In the junior year, engineering analysis and laboratory classes in mechatronics, mechanisms, thermal/fluids, and mechanics are part of the curriculum.

The senior year has a year-long capstone design course in which students work on group design/engineering projects for the entire year. The senior year also has technical elective courses in the following specialty areas of mechanical engineering

  • Energy and Thermal Systems
  • Integrated Systems
  • Mechanics and Materials
  • Dynamic Systems

You can view our Curriculum Flow Chart here.PDF

Cirriculum Flow Chart

Expectations of Students

Students will be expected to have a programmable hand-held calculator for use in many of the classes.

Students in the department are required to satisfy the scholastic standards of the university, college, and department.

Many mechanical engineering course prerequisites must be passed with a minimum grade of "C". Students not meeting the minimum grade will be required to retake the prerequisite(s) until the minimum grade is achieved.