From the Department Head


Sue James HeadshotDear Friends,

The new school year brings new students and faculty, but just as important are the new opportunities it brings. Knowing that breakthrough accomplishments and inventions are on the brink of discovery is the most exciting part about starting a new school year. Doors are just waiting to be opened, and that is the best feeling a department head could have. Many of these opportunities are a direct impact of your support for which we are very grateful for!

Speaking of accomplishments, I am proud to share a handful of advancements our students and faculty have made in just the past few months. From the new School of Advanced Materials Discovery, to student and faculty recognitions, to a blast from the past with alumni success stories; this newsletter is definitely a page-turner.

One alumni success story in particular really touched my heart, and that’s the Graham W. Howard story. Howard was a 1932 Colorado A&M ME graduate who through engineering, made a significant impression in the tropics. His passion for engineering continues to make an impact, even after his passing in 1995. I encourage you to take a peek at his inspirational story.

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Thank you again for your continued support of the Department of Mechanical Engineering! We hope you enjoy this newsletter and please keep in touch!


Sue James