Mechanical Engineering Student Ambassadors; Mentoring Program

A group of motivated mechanical engineering student leaders who are here to help you navigate through your student experience as a CSU MECH Ram.


  • Individualized tutoring for all MECH classes and any classes on the MECH curriculum guide
  • Workshops to help develop your technical skills and provide information on important topics
  • General questions about career, projects, classes, registration, professors, etc.

Meet the Mentors

Brooke Levine – Brooke is in her fifth and final year. She chose MECH because she enjoys solving problems and learning about mechanical systems. Brooke has many hobbies including mountain biking, hiking, wakeboarding, skiing, and riding dirt bikes. Her favorite course was Fluids and Manufacturing.

Anna Hund – Anna is a third year student. She chose MECH because she wants to work in energy and enjoys learning about system interactions. Her favorite course was Manufacturing and Design II. In her spare time, Anna enjoys hiking, skiing, and horseback riding.

Ashley Andringa – Ashley is currently in her third year. She chose MECH because of her interests in automobiles and mechanical processes. Her favorite course was Manufacturing and Design I. In her spare time, Ashley enjoys riding motorcycles, working on cars, and painting.

Chon Chia Ang – Chon is a fourth year student. He chose the MECH because he likes energy and control systems. His favorite courses so far were Mechatronics, Thermodynamics, and Heat Transfer. Chon’s hobbies include writing, welding, talking, and Arduino coding.