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Welcome Back, Dr. Quinn

“I’m a long time Rams fan!” said Dr. Jason Quinn. “It is great to be giving back to a community that has supported me in achieving my goals.” Life kept bringing him back to CSU, not once, not twice, but three times! A Colorado native, Quinn applied for his undergraduate degree at CSU, among other […]

Ciao, Chriselda!

When beloved undergraduate adviser, Chriselda Engel retired in 2015, the entire department came together to express their gratitude. ME students, faculty, and sta raised $4,825 to send Engel and her husband, Chris, on a well-deserved dream vacation.   Soon after, the Engels made plans for a two-week, Italian getaway. “We thoroughly enjoyed all of the […]

Remembering Professor Doug Hittle

A colleague to some, a mentor to others, but a pioneer to all. This is how Dr. Doug Hittle, mechanical engineering professor emeritus, will be remembered by the department. His professional contributions, as well as his integrity and sense of humor, made an everlasting impression on those with whom he worked. It is with a […]

ME Undergrad Participates in the National FIREX Campaign

ME undergraduate student, Liam Lewane, recently shared his latest project at a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Research campaign, addressing environmental air quality. Lewane is a student in Dr. Shantanu Jathar’s Laboratory for Air Quality Research, and recently participated in the NOAA Fire Influence on Regional and Global Environments Experiment in Missoula, Mont. “Liam is an […]

The Factory

Since the 1950s, a 24,000-square-foot, off-campus research facility, located in the Fort Collins foothills, has endured dozens of renovations; the latest renovation transformed the facility into “The Factory.” Its diverse history has made it one of CSU’s most unique facilities, and its new name offers a glimpse into its inception in 1958. THE FACTORY The […]

ME Developed Air Samplers are Spacebound

Dr. John Volckens, ME professor and CSU Energy Institute Researcher, is about to see his lab’s latest development launch into space, and collect data aboard the International Space Station. Figure 1Mechanical engineering professor John Volckens and research scientist Dan Miller-Lionberg with the thermophoretic sampler The TPS100 (thermophoretic sampler), is an air sampler will that collect […]

Scott Kelleher, MS ’17, Receives Graduate Research Innovation Fellowship from the Joint Fire Science Program

Scott Kelleher conducts his research in the most adverse of conditions, at the scene of prescribed wildfires in Colorado. With the help of his advisor, Dr. John Volckens, and dedicated lab members, Kelleher developed a cost-effective air sampler to monitor wildfire smoke. The data collected will analyze smoke’s effect on human health. Kelleher, a graduate […]

Dr. Kirk McGilvray Receives $3.2M NIH Grant to Research Fracture Healing

Mechanical Engineering Assistant Research Professor, Dr. Kirk McGilvray of the Orthopaedic Bioengineering Research Laboratory (OBRL) received a $3.2M grant from the NIH to study fracture healing prediction.   Almost 800,000 patients face abnormal fracture healing each year in the United States alone, leading to chronic conditions associated with pain and disability. With the inability to […]

Kota Research Group’s Superomniphobic Tape Drips with Potential

“We make coatings. We manipulate surfaces using different techniques to repel liquids,” said ME faculty member Dr. Arun Kota whose research in superomniphobic technology was recently published by the American Chemical Society. At first glance, it may seem simple, but the potential impact this technology could have on our world is extraordinary. Superomniphobic surfaces are […]