Biomaterials Research and Engineering Laboratory (BREL) lab

researchlab_BRELImageWork in BREL focuses on characterization and development of biomaterial solutions to health care problems. Dr. James’ and her colleagues hold several patents on novel technologies for orthopedic and cardiovascular applications.

For example, BioPoly® is a family of hyaluronan/polyethylene materials invented by Dr. James’ group which are currently being used commercially in femoral condyle partial resurfacing devices ( and have been implanted in several patients in the EU. Ongoing research is now expanding the BioPoly platform for use as blood-contacting materials such as flexible leaflets in heart valves and small diameter vascular grafts.

Other projects in the group include the development of phospholipid-based coatings that enhance osseointegration and allow for controlled drug delivery. An in vivo animal study has already demonstrated the efficacy of these coatings on titanium implants in fighting osteomyelitis, and current studies are examining the efficacy of these coating on polymeric implants and allograft bone.

Director, Susan P. James, Professor and Head, Mechanical Engineering, Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Associate Director, David Prawel, Sr. Research Scientist, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering