Research Partnerships

Whether you are an alumnus, a friend, or an industry professional, you can make a difference in the cutting-edge work that goes on in the College of Engineering.

A Hub of Innovation

College Research

Research expenditures per faculty,
FY08: $551,710

Federal funding per faculty, FY08:
about $476,270

Total research expenditures, FY08: $55,171,063

Space devoted to engineering research in square feet: 791,545

Centers, institutes, and special
research units: 105

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The college regularly works with industry and government agencies on research projects. Last year, engineering faculty were awarded over $55 million in contracts and grants, and provided 73% of the College?s operating funds for salaries, equipment, and program expenses through these research grants.

Research Collaborations

Just as one example of fruitful industry/college research, right now electrical and computer engineers at CSU and Ball Aerospace are working together to build a demonstration prototype microwave radiometer for sensing the atmosphere from satellites. This innovative instrument is designed to provide information with the long-term potential for improving weather forecasting. The research team will test the prototype in a simulated space-borne environment, exposing it to pressures, temperatures, and the shock and vibration similar to those during launch and in orbit.

Research partnerships like this one provide useful information to industry scientists and collaborative opportunities for faculty, while also providing research opportunities for CSU graduate students.

For more information about how your company can sponsor research with CSU engineers, please contact Wade Troxell, Associate Dean for Research & Economic Development.

Fund student and faculty research

Much of the great work in our classrooms and laboratories is funded by unrestricted donations of funds or equipment. These gifts enhance the College's educational resources, and enable future engineers to familiarize themselves with technology and equipment they will use in the workforce.

To learn more about how you or your company can make a gift with impact, please contact Ashley Waddell, Corporate and Foundation Relations, or make a secure online gift today.