Program and Facilities Partnerships

The College is proud to present a cutting-edge curriculum to students to prepare them well as they enter the workforce and solve global engineering challenges. Industry partners can play a key role in enhancing the programs and facilities available to CSU students and faculty.

Below are just a few examples of the many industry partnerships that enrich the College's curriculum and facilities every day.

Program and Curriculum-related Partnerships

Woodward Governor pledged $1 million to support an endowed professorship in Systems Engineering in the College of Engineering. They collaborated with the College to develop a program that will benefit the University, the community, and businesses. Systems engineering addresses complex systems in virtually all industries in our economy, including aerospace, energy, environment, natural resources, and human health. High-tech industry officials have said they struggle to find qualified systems engineers in the state, and the College's new program - made possible with Woodward's support - is addressing this workforce challenge.

To pursue a program partnership in the College of Engineering, or to inquire about how your company can help enrich the College's curriculum, please contact Wade Troxell, Associate Dean for Research & Economic Development.

Facilities Partnerships

The InteGrid Lab was built in 2006 and is jointly owned and operated by Spirae and CSU. The InteGrid Lab leverages Colorado State University?s world-class engines research capabilities and Spirae?s smart-grid design and development expertise to establish a unique laboratory where advanced smart-grid concepts are being tested, refined, and validated.

If you have an idea about how your company and CSU can pursue innovative research in a collaborative environment, please contact Wade Troxell, Associate Dean for Research & Economic Development.

Equipment to further research

Flow International Corporation, the inventor of abrasive waterjet technology, is led by President and CEO Stephen Light, a Colorado State 1968 graduate in mechanical engineering. A waterjet cutter, a system used to cut objects ranging from the mirrors in the Hubble Space telescope to airplane wings to stone counter tops, was gifted to the University.?Read about the incredible impact?this gift of one cutter has made on millions of people.

For more information about how you and your company can support programs in the College, please contact:?Ashley Waddell, Corporate and Foundation Relations, 970-491-3110