Our faculty prepare engineering students for rewarding careers that advance society and serve the world.

Engineering faculty teach bright & engaged students.

The curriculum combines classroom learning and engineering practice, offering opportunities for design team projects and hands-on learning.

Faculty conduct active research programs

Averaging more than $600,000 in research expenditures last year, our research generates opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students. They work with students on research and bring that research into their classrooms and class laboratories.

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Faculty Videos

Faculty advise students along their academic path

Student Design Projects

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Faculty mentor students through involvement with design projects, research opportunities, and student organizations. ?Faculty work with students on capstone senior design projects tackling real engineering problems. This unique experience allows student teams to develop hands-on skills, think creatively, and empowers them to succeed in an integrated, interdisciplinary engineering environment.

Faculty & the college build partnerships

Partnerships with industry and professional organizations prove valuable in our classrooms. Woodward Governor Company recently pledged $1 million to support a professorship, allowing the college to build a new program in systems engineering. Read more

Freshman Academic Profile

3.79 GPA

27.2 ACT composite

1218 SAT combined

Other Data Points

Undergrad student-faculty ratio: 20:1

Graduate student-faculty ratio: 6:1

Class sizes (mean): 102 freshman introductory sections: 14 in Master's and 10 in Ph.D. sections

Lab sizes (mean): 19 in freshmen labs; 12 in master's labs