Our faculty and graduate students are active participants in scientific and engineering discourse.

In 2007, engineering faculty published an average of six refereed journal articles. 22% of those journal articles were co-authored with one or more students. CSU’s electrical and computer engineering and atmospheric science programs ranked in the top ten nationally by the Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index, a ranking that compares academic programs according to quantifiable data, such as publications, federal grant dollars awarded, and honors and awards.

Publication Titles for 2017

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Recent Faculty Publication Titles
Name Description Type
Suren Chen Xiang, H., Li, Y., Chen, S. and Li, C. (2017). \"A wind tunnel test method on aerodynamic characteristics of moving vehicles under crosswinds\", Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 163, 15-23. Journal Article
Suren Chen Yin, X., Liu, Y. and Chen, S. (2017). \"Assessment of ride safety based on wind-traffic-pavement-bridge coupled vibration\", Wind and Structures, 24 (3), 287-306. Journal Article
Recent Student Dissertation Titles
Student Name Department Title Advisor Year
Tyler Schott ME CFD modeling of high pressure system Xinfeng Gao 2016
John Ladd ME Conversion of Low BMEP 4-Cylinder Engine to High BMEP 2-Cylinder Large Bore Natural Gas Engine John Petro 2016