Service & Outreach

A land-grant university, Colorado State has a mission to educate people and solve problems through academic, research, and outreach programs.

CSU engineering is responsive to industry needs

Strong collaborations with industry have led to the development of new academic programs such as systems engineering, new facilities like the Integrid Test and Development Laboratory, and commercialization of technology with start-up companies such as Solix Biofuels.

CSU Engineering is responsive to societal needs

Through education and research, we make an impact. We are currently working to improve K-12 science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education by preparing engineering students to become middle and high school teachers. These new teachers bring engineering to life in their classrooms through concrete, hands-on learning experiences in laboratory environments.

CSU is responsive to global needs

We solve problems. Through our student chapter of Engineers Without Borders, our students, faculty, and alumni bring clean water to communities. Through development of inexpensive solar panel manufacturing, we bring clean, cost effective sources of energy to the world. New radar systems will help save lives.

Research with Purpose:

"Every time I turn on the faucet I cannot help but remember that an extremely large number of people throughout the world do not hCSU Engineers Without Borders, studentsave this luxury."

Eric Hettler, civil engineering senior and president of CSU's Engineers Without Borders chapter.


“By developing the manufacturing process that reduces the cost of solar panels, we move beyond generating electricity for computers and electronic transactions, and we provide light sources to the poorest people, replacing kerosene lamps, which cause deaths and illness.”

W. Sampath, professor, mechanical engineering


We are working toward developing a new distributed radar system that will allow us to track tornadoes that may not appear using current radar systems. Lives are lost every year to tornadoes; this new system will reduce the loss of human life.

V. Chandrasekar, professor, electrical and computer engineering