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Wyse Thin Client Information

What's a thin client?

wyse A thin client is a simple device that displays a server-hosted desktop. We use the Wyse thin clients. These thin clients were chosen for their low cost, low maintenance, central management, performance, and easy access to software.

We use thin clients throughout the College of Engineering: In the ENS computer labs, administrative staff and some faculty offices, and the Academic Village residence hall. These thin clients connect to Windows servers and provide access to software and a common desktop experience.

Thin clients are currently available in the following computer labs:

Engineering Software Available

Each thin client is connected to one of several Windows servers. In general, the same engineering software is installed on the Windows servers through the thin clients that you will see on the Windows PCs in the labs. For more information, see our software page.

Logging In

Double-click on the "Engineering Labs" icon to connect.

If the screen is locked by another user, it means that someone else is already logged on. No problem! You can disconnect them. They will be able to reconnect to their session later, and you will be able to log in now. Win/win! To do this, press Ctrl-Alt-Del and select Log Off. (Trust us. It won't really log them out of their session, it will just free up the computer for you to use.)

Mobile Session

When you log in to a thin client, you receive a session in the form of a Windows desktop. You can disconnect your session and reconnect to it later, so that all your programs keep running the way you left them.

To do this, log in as normal. When you are ready to disconnect your session, do not log off. Instead, click the Disconnect icon on the desktop. When you sit down at any other thin client, log in and you will have your session immediately available.

An alternate way to disconnect from your session is to click the Windows start button, then the arrow directly to the right of the Log Off button. Select Disconnect.

USB Drives

The Wyse thin clients are equipped with front panel USB ports. Your USB drive will show up as "WyseUSB" in the list of drives on the computer.


Audio is available by plugging in your headphones to the front panel headphone jack.


If you are using the Engineering Labs session, the lab printers will not be automatically mapped due to technical limitations. However, a "Map Printers" app is automatically started for you when you log in, and you can select which printer(s) you wish to add to your session. (The Map Printers app may also be started from the Windows Start Menu.)

If you are using a Mobile Desktop, your printers should already be in place and you can print just as if you were printing from a Windows PC.


If something goes wrong, restart the machine. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del and select Restart from the options in the lower right hand corner.

Please report any other problems to ENS.


This document last modified Monday January 25, 2016

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