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Understanding the New VoIP Phone System

The current CSU phone system which currently runs through CSU central Nortel phone system, maintained by CSU Telecommunications, is no longer supported and is in the process of being decommissioned. The campus has been upgrading to a Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone system for the past couple of years. To date, over 6000 CSU phones have been moved over to the new system.

VoIP technology converts voice calls from analog to digital to be sent over digital data networks. This allows the University to use its existing data network to also transport telephone service throughout campus. The upgrade to VoIP phones will also include a network infrastructure upgrade for each building, providing faster network speeds, faster and more reliable wireless access and upgrade to redundant connections back to the campus core.

Open Forums

Open forums will be schedule for each building to answer questions about the process of switching over to VoIP phones.

  1. For Atmos and CIRA TBD
  2. For ERC TBD

Additional open forums will be schedule as we approach the other building dates for VoIP conversion. Don't forget to fill out the survey for chance at winning a $20 RamCash Card here.

Building Upgrade Schedule

This upgrade will begin with the Glover Building, followed by Engineering, ERC, MERC, ATMOS, & CIRA. As each building is upgraded there may be some brief, early morning outages of the data network required to install the new infrastructure. All such outages will be coordinated with and announced by ENS.

Glover Building: Finished
Engineering A wing: May 1st - June 22nd
Engineering B wing: May 15th - July 6th
Engineering C wing: June 1st - July 20th
CIRA/ACRC: Network Upgrades: 6/8-6/22, Phone Installs: 7/15-7/22
ATMOS/CHEM/WEST/ANNEX/REPEAT/HANGAR/SIMLAB: Network Upgrades: 6/22-7/20, Phone Installs: 8/12-8/19
ERC/West/Workshop/Hydro Lab: Network Upgrades: 6/22-7/13, Phone Installs: 8/5-8/12
MERC/ANNEX/PROJECT LAB: Network Upgrades: 8/8-8/22, Phone Installs: 9/14-9/21
Other Buildings: March 7th, 2017 - March 30th, 2017

More About your VoIP Phone

Your new VoIP phone has several new features such as: call forwarding, Simultaneous Ring (SimRing), speed dial buttons, view calls you have made and received, and store contacts into an online phonebook that can be downloaded to your phone. To configure these features visit

For MyPhone help, tips and training video go to:

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This document last modified Friday May 27, 2016

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