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Windows Compute Servers Access Policies and Guidelines

Windows Compute Servers are funded solely through Engineering Charge for Technology (CFT) fees and, therefore, are available only to enrolled Engineering students

Servers are intended for Windows based computing tasks that are not easily accomplished on a typical desktop computer.

Most of the servers are available for short to medium term jobs (3 months or less). One access period will be granted in an academic year (from August to August). While short term extensions may be granted on a case by case basis, the compute servers are NOT intended as a long term/permanent solution for research groups.

Senior design teams needing access for the academic year may be granted access to servers reserved for this purpose subject to resource availability.

The compute servers are a shared resource, and exclusive access to any given server is not granted, excluding senior design teams using servers reserved for that purpose.

Access to more than one server is NOT allowed due to scarcity of resources.

Data stored on the compute servers is NOT backed up. End users are responsible for making sure their data is copied to viable long- term storage (U: or T: or other such external storage). In addition, user profiles are NOT saved after access to the servers has been terminated.

The amount of local storage (i.e. C: drive) is limited. Users are STRONGLY encouraged to copy their results to outside storage on a regular basis.

While reasonable efforts will be made to keep the servers online and available, periodic reboots due to Windows technical limits are sometimes required. Users will be notified via email and popup messages when this happens. As a guideline, expect the servers to be rebooted roughly once a month.

Not all engineering software is available on the servers due to licensing restrictions imposed by the software vendor and technical limitations (some programs conflicting with other programs).

Email notifications for reboots and other events will be sent to the user’s eID@rams.colostate.edu or eID@colostate.edu account. Please make sure to check your eID account (or have it forwarded to an email account that is checked regularly).

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This document last modified Wednesday September 20, 2017

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