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Print Quota

Each Engineering major student starts the academic year (Fall semester) with $21 in print quota ($5.00 for non Engineering majors). You will not receive more print quota for the Spring semester. If you need more credits, you must buy more.

Students will be charged as per the printers' cost schedules. We will reimburse students' lost quota if the quota is lost through no fault of their own. There can be no reimbursement if the wrong page is printed.

Getting More Quota

Users can purchase more quota from the ENS Help Desk. Students may charge print quota purchases (in increments of $1) to their student account from the following web page. Faculty and staff may charge print quota purchases (in increments of $10) to a CSU account. Anyone may purchase print quota with cash or check (in increments of $10.) We accept cash and checks at the Main Help Desk (Glover 100) only.

Please note, there are no "shared" printing accounts in our print quota system. When purchasing print credits, the print credits will be applied toward one user's account. You can purchase print quota for another person (for example, a faculty member using a CSU account to purchase print credits for a graduate student). We cannot transfer print credits from one user's account to another.

If a student is unhappy with the way their quota is handled, they can contact ENS and we will address the grievance to the best of our ability.

If a student is caught tampering with the print quota system, their account will be suspended.

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This document last modified Tuesday February 14, 2017

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