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Engineering Network Services

ENS Charged Services

This is the list of services for which ENS charges. This list is current as of February 14, 2018. Services can only be charged to a CSU fund number, not a student account.

Base Service (no charge) Charged Service Fee
 Computing Support within current scope Computing Support
 (outside current scope)
$37 per hour
Engineering Account
  Provided to all employees and students
for affiliate use
$36 annually, pro-rated
Mobile Desktop
 No mobile desktop service is provided as a base service
mobile desktop only $86 annually, pro-rated
mobile desktop with a thin client $194 annually, pro-rated
Network File Space
 25GB for all employees, 15GB for all students, 500MB for all projects, 25GB for departmental or office files, and 5TB in aggregate for all classes; backups are included with the base space.
space needed beyond the base Rates are based on quantity and duration required
  Employees are provided printing at no charge by their departments. Engineering major students start each academic year with $21 in print quota ($5.00 for non-Engineering majors).
Additional student print quota or employees who need to use student printing resources $10 increments
Computing Resources
 Basic compute power is provided to all students and employees.
High Performance Computing see the rates page for options
Server Rack Space
 Rack space is provided by the college for all base services provided by the college
Rack space for servers providing non-base services $40 annually (per U)
Virtual Server
 Virtual servers are only available as a charged service
virtual server instance $86 annually


This document last modified Tuesday November 20, 2018

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