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Hardware Tech Support

ENS does not provide hardware technical support for student-owned systems. There are exceptions, such as if the hardware was purchased through ENS.

For all other hardware the student should either contact the manufacturer if the hardware is still under warranty or contact outside tech support for help. Listed below is a selection of local businesses who might be able to provide support. This listing should not be considered an official endorsement by either ENS or College of Engineering.

CSU support services

  • Academic Computing and Networking Services (ACNS) - web site
    • Provides free antivirus software - get details
    • Self-Help Guides for campus computing services
  • CSU Library Computing Help Desk - web site
  • RAMtech - web site
    • Purchase software (with an educational discount)
    • Purchase computers, parts & accessories

Other local support services

Local businesses that wish to be added to this list should contact ENS with their business information.

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This document last modified Monday January 25, 2016

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