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Sharing Data With EngrCloud

Access your data wherever you are, when you need it.

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Connect to EngrCloud

Sharing a Document or Folder

To allow others to view or edit the contents of a file or folder, follow these instructions:

  1. From the Files page, hover your mouse cursor over the folder you wish to share, and click on the Share button.
    EngrCloud Share Button
  2. Begin typing the username of the person you wish to share the file or folder with into the Share With box, and select the correct username from the drop-down box that appears.
    EngrCloud Share With box EngrCloud Share With User box
  3. Hover over the person's username and select the triangle icon to expand the list of persmissions which you can grant to that person.
    EngrCloud User Access check EngrCloud user access detail
  4. You can allow the other person to create new files, as well as share, update, and delete existing files. These options may differ between files and folders.
  5. The file or folder will appear in the person's Shared folder.

Accessing Files Shared With You

All files and folders shared with you will appear in the Shared folder under the Files tab.

EngrCloud shared folder

Public Sharing

You may only share folders, not files, publicly. If you wish to share a folder publicly, follow these instructions:

  1. Hover over the folder that you wish to share.
  2. Select the icon labeled Share.
    EngrCloud Share Button
  3. Check the box labeled Share with link.
    EngrCloud share with link
  4. Optionally, you may password protect that folder, allow anyone to upload new files, or select a date when the settings will expire and revert to their default settings (which is a private folder).
  5. Once you have the link (shown in the text box below the Share with link checkbox), you can copy this link and send it to other people. You may also enter a person's email address in the "Email link to person" box and click Send, which will have the link sent directly to them.
    Note: Anyone who has a link will be able to see and download the contents of this folder, unless the folder is also password protected.
  6. When someone clicks on the link, or pastes it into their web browser, they will be directed to a web page that displays the contents of the folder.
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This document last modified Thursday September 27, 2018

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