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As of March 31, 2011 the Engineering Alumni email server was shut down as this service has moved to using Google Apps for CSU.

We have upgraded this service to Google Apps for CSU, which provides much more functionality, server space, and usability. However, it requires action for those that currently have accounts. If you would like to maintain your CSU lifetime email address you must:

  1. Contact the Development Office via email at supportengineering @ or by phone at 970.491.3358 to obtain your “CSU Mailing Code”. Please provide your full name, graduation year, and major.
  2. Once you have your “CSU Mailing Code” go the Alumni Registration page.
  3. Complete the fields, and register for a “CSU Donor Connect” account. This account allows you to view your giving history as well as register for a lifetime email address. It is not your actual lifetime email account.
  4. Once logged into CSU Donor Connect, you will have an option on the main screen to “Register for a Lifetime E-mail Address”.
  5. Specify your email account name and password and click to register.

Once you get a new CSU Alumni account, your e-mail address will be To check your e-mail click here to log in or go to An FAQ is located here.

We do provide an option of sending a bounce-o-gram to the sender when they send an email to The sender will get a message informing them that the email address is no longer valid and will give them your new email address. In order to activate this service, you will need to email your new address to Shaila Parashar. This service will be available for only 6 months. After that the email address, will no longer be valid.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Development Office at supportengineering @ or by phone 970.491.3358.

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This document last modified Wednesday January 27, 2016

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