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Engineering Network Services

WiFi Information

The wifi network in the Engineering building is part of CSU's central wireless network supported by ACNS.

There are 2 main WiFi networks on the CSU campus

Connecting to the "CSU-EID" wifi network (best option)

For notebooks and iPhones, please see the ACNS Easy Access instruction page. For other mobile devices, see our mobile devices page.

Connecting to the "CSU-HOUSING-EID" wifi network (residence halls only)

In most residence halls, including the Academic Village residence halls and the associated computer labs and classrooms, the csu-eid wifi network is replaced by csu-housing-eid. For more information or help connecting to the wifi network in a residence hall, including anywhere in the Academic Village, please contact the Housing Technology Help Desk.

For guest access to CSU's wifi Network

Simply use the "CSU-GUEST" network.

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This document last modified Monday November 27, 2017

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