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Welcome to Engineering Network Services

What is ENS?

Engineering Network Services (ENS) provides computing equipment and services for students, faculty, and staff in the College of Engineering. We are here to help you by providing you with the computing tools and resources you need in order to succeed! We have developed this page to answer some common questions that new and prospective students have about the services we offer but if you can’t find the information you need on this page, send a note to ENS.


Should I buy a computer?

As a new student to CSU, you may be wondering, "should I buy a computer/laptop for school?" For first-year students, especially those staying in the Academic Village residence hall, we do not recommend purchasing your own computer at all. We have excellent computer facilities and your student ID card will give you 24-hour access to the computer labs that have all the software needed for your classes. However, if you truly feel you need a computer to supplement your normal computing experience, we do provide some recommendations.

What kind of resources are available to me?

  • Borrowing items from ENS
    ENS provides equipment available for loan at no cost, including laptops and projectors.
  • Computer Labs
    There are 15 labs on the main campus and at the Foothills campus that are available 24-hours per day.
    Follow the link above to find out more information about what computing equipment is available in each lab and where all of the labs are located.
  • Computing in the Academic Village
    The Engineering Living/Learning Community in the Academic Village provides the most computer-intensive experience for freshmen. Only in the Academic Village are students provided with a thin client in their room!
  • Printing & print quota
    As an Engineering major, you will start each academic year with print quota to use in the computer labs and classrooms. This quota is funded by student Charges for Technology.
    The following types of printers are available for your use:
    • Black & white laser (up to 11 x 17 duplex)
    • Color laser (up to 11 x 17 duplex)
    • 60” and 36” plotter
  • Reserve a room for group work or presentations
    If you are looking for a space where you can work together with a group or present a project, you can reserve a room from the link above.
  • CSU ID Card
    Every Engineering student is issued a CSU ID card, which gives you 24 hour access to the Engineering Building, Glover Building, and the Engineering Research Center, as well as limited access to other facilities.
  • Software
    In the Engineering computer labs and classrooms, there are over 60 engineering discipline-specific industry-standard software packages installed on each computer. To get more information about software or to see a list of the available software, click the link above.
  • Thin clients - what are they?
    Students who learn to use the thin clients early on find themselves way ahead of their peers in computing expertise and software knowledge. Get acquainted with them here and use them as soon as you arrive on campus!
  • Virtual Computer Lab
    Virtual computer lab gives you access to lab software at home or in your dorm room.

Where are the computer labs?

  • There are 15 computer labs and classrooms on the main campus and Foothills campus. Follow the link and click on an individual lab to see where it is located and what equipment is available.

How do I access all these Engineering resources?
You will need to set up an Engineering account which will provides access to the Engineering network and the following services:

  • Login access to engineering lab computers
  • Engineering computer lab door lock access
  • Personal file space on the Engineering College computer network
  • An Engineering email account:
  • Printing credits
  • Access to online applications provided by ENS

What are the policies for lab use?

What will my e-mail address(es) be at CSU?
Your email address will depend on if you are an undergraduate or graduate student.:

  1. Undergraduates are provided a CSU maintained by Academic Computing and Network Services (ACNS)
  2. Graduate students are provided an Office 365 address also maintained by ACNS.

Can I access the College of Engineering computing resources from off-campus?
The short answer is, "Yes!" You can use the links below to find out more information about connecting to the Engineering network

What software is available for free download?

Can I get a job with ENS?
Yes, we employ a number of students every semester for both technical and support positions. These positions assist the general staff of ENS by maintaining the computer labs in the many Engineering buildings as well as providing computer services to faculty, staff, and students. Check out our available positions and apply.

Is there any other information that I should know?

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