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I'm Unhappy

If you feel disappointed in the services provided by ENS or with some aspect of the computing environment in the College of Engineering, please send a respectful message to us. (pssst…about 30 people will read your message, so flamin’ words could come back to haunt you).

If we still do not resolve the issue, you are welcome to meet with the ENS Director to discuss a resolution.

ENS is here to support you. Come by and see us if you have questions, problems, concerns, need relationship advice (oh wait...), or if you just like talking to computer freaks. We welcome your input and want to make things work well for you.

Have comments or concerns about the equipment in the computer labs?  The Engineering Student Technology Committee determines what goes in the labs.  Contact that committee by visiting the ESTC web pages.

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This document last modified Thursday August 13, 2015

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