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Engineering Network Services

Network File Space & Quota

The College of Engineering provides a unified network file space, in other words, all network files are available in the same structure from any operating system and from similar starting points. Common points of entry to the file system are:

  Windows UNIX
Top of File Services directory structure T:\
Your home directory U:\ Home directory(cd ~)
Software directory S:\
Faculty & staff home department V:\ /top/[academic|admin]/[group name]
Class file space T:\classes\[class name] /top/classes/[class name]
Project file space T:\projects\[project name] /top/projects/[projectname]


File Space Quotas:

Everyone is assigned a home directory file space quota. For faculty and staff, the quota is 25 GB.  Engineering majors (graduate and undergraduate) receive 15 GB of file space. All other students taking Engineering classes receive 100 MB.

Need more Space?

Find out how to add space to your quota.

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This document last modified Tuesday March 31, 2015

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