ECE Seminar Series

ECE Seminar

Title: Coping with the Big Data: Convergence of Communications, Computing and Storage
Speaker: Pingzhi Fan
Affiliation: Professor and Director of The Institute of Mobile Communications, Southwest Jiaotong University
Day: Friday, April 15, 2016
Time: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Location: LSC 328-330

Abstract: In this talk, information systems consisting of communications, computing and storage subsystems are considered. In the past, the three subsystems were independently progressed, and each of them has reached a stage of certain limit. In computing, Moore's Law may run out of steam soon based on silicon technology; in communications, the Shannon’s classical capacity limit has almost reached; in storage, although the optical disks and magneto-optical disks have developed very fast, it seems still a way to meet the rapid increase of big data. To cope with the impact of big data, it is proposed to integrate the traditionally individual computing, communications and storage subsystems, which are getting inevitably converged. An effective information system capacity is introduced and discussed, aimed at excavating potentials of information systems under a new paradigm with more degrees of freedom. In this talk, the convergence of computing, telecommunications and storage is investigated, and the effectiveness of data handling capability for a given information system is discussed.

Bio: Pingzhi Fan (IEEE Fellow) received his PhD degree in Electronic Engineering from the Hull University, UK. He is currently a professor and director of the institute of mobile communications, Southwest Jiaotong University, China. He is a recipient of the UK ORS Award, the Outstanding Young Scientist Award by NSFC, and the chief scientist of a national 973 program. He served as general chair or TPC chair of a number of international conferences, and is the guest editor-in-chief, guest editor or editorial member of several international journals. He is the founding chair of IEEE VTS BJ Chapter, founding chair of IEEE Chengdu Section. He also served as a board member of IEEE Region 10, IET(IEE) Council and IET Asia-Pacific Region. He has over 200 research papers published in various academic English journals (IEEE/IEE/IEICE, etc), and 8 books (incl. edited) published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd/RSP (1996), IEEE Press (2011, etc), Springer (2004) and Nova Science (2007), and is the inventor of 20 granted PCT and Chinese patents. His research interests include high mobility wireless communications, 5G techniques, convergence of telecommunications, computing and storage, signal design & coding, etc. He is an IEEE VTS Distinguished Lecturer (2015-2017), a fellow of IEEE, IET(IEE), CIE and CIC.