ECE Seminar Series

ISTeC Distinguished Lecture in conjunction with the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and Computer Science Department Series

Title: Cloud Computing: the dreams and the nightmares
Speaker: Dilma Da Silva
Affiliation: Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Texas A&M University
Day: Monday, March 7, 2016
Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: Morgan Library Event Hall

Abstract: Cloud computing has been around for many years. Ideas from innovators in industry and academia came together to make cloud technology very successful. At the same time, the new technology introduces difficult hurdles on an unprecedented scale. This talk summarizes the evolution of cloud technology from overused buzzword to an efficient way to deliver computing services and identifies the main challenges still unresolved.

Bio: Dilma Da Silva joined the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University as its new department head on August 2014. Her primary research interests are cloud computing, operating systems, distributed computing, and high-end computing. Prior to joining Texas A&M, she worked at Qualcomm Research in California (2012-2014), IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center in New York (2000-2012) and the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil (1996-2000). Da Silva is an ACM Distinguished Scientist, a member of the board of CRA-W (Computer Research Association's Committee on the Status of Women in Computing Research), member of CDC (Coalition for Diversifying Computing), co-founder of the Latinas in Computing group, and an event liaison with USENIX. She served as an officer at ACM SIGOPS from 2011 to 2015. She currently chairs the ACM Senior Award Committee. Da Silva is a very active member of her research community. She has chaired 27 scientific conferences and participated in 100+ program committees. She has published 72 articles in journals, books, refereed conferences and workshops, filed 15 patents, served on more than 30 thesis committees, and has had dozens of mentees, from middle school students to post-doctoral researchers. Da Silva received her doctoral degree in computer science from Georgia Tech in 1997 and her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Besides pursuing her passion for computing, she spends time reading novels, knitting, and keeping in touch with her friends across 8 time zones.