ECE Seminar Series

Electrical and Computer Engineering Seminar Series

Title: Reconciling Science and Innovation
Speaker: Hagit Messer
Day: Thursday, September 24, 2015
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Location: TILT 221

Abstract: The gap between research universities and industry is often referred to as the Death Valley, indicates on opposite cultures. While academic freedom and openness are necessary for top level science, the success of the industry usually depends on a strict, well-managed organizational scheme. While universities are still expected to produce scholarly publications and to take their traditional role as intellectual engines, in the 21st century higher education institutions are also considered as economic engines. They major challenge in doing this is in bridging over the Death Valley, while keeping the universities with their own culture, but also being open and aware of the updated mission of technology transfer. In this talk I will review some key issues, policy principles and best practice examples, arguing that if wisely done, science and innovation can live together.

Bio: HAGIT MESSER is a professor of Electrical Engineering at Tel Aviv University (TAU), Israel. During the last 15 years she has held top-level institutional and national positions in Higher Education and Science, including: Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Science (2000-3); VP for R&D in TAU (2006-8); President of the Open University (2008-13). Since October 2013 she is the Vice-Chair of the council for Higher Education, ISRAEL. Beside being an active researcher in the field of Statistical Signal Processing, Prof. Messer is interested in various aspects of higher-education and science policy, including: ethics in research, science-society interplay, and commercialization of academic research. Following her book "Capitalism and the Ivory Tower" (published in Hebrew on 2008), and her related publications, she has been invited by WIPO to serve as a consultant on industry-academia relations.