ECE Seminar Series

Computer Science Department Special Seminar in conjunction with Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and School of Education Seminar

Title: Building a Framework for Learning Analytics - the current developments in IMSGlobal Caliper and RAM Caliper instrumentation of learning environments
Speaker: Phil Long
Affiliation: University of Texas at Austin
Day: Monday, August 31, 2015
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Location: LSC 308-310

Abstract: The penetration of digital environments to support learning, whether in hybrid formats at residential campuses or true distributed online programs has opened up the possibility of capturing data hitherto inaccessible data about the process of learning. It may or may not tell us much about what is affecting, influencing or shaping learning and sense making in any particular class or interaction. In an attempt to at least make the process of building educational technologies that can be more than one-of custom code exemplars, IMSGlobal has formed the Caliper and Real-time Messaging Caliper workgroups to make these efforts result in inter-operable applications. Of course, as the phrase goes, the wonderful thing about standards is that there are so many of them. This talk will outline the current work on Caliper and its real-time cousin RAM Caliper, the strengths and weaknesses of it currently has, and where it might be headed.

Bio: Phil Long is the Associate Vice Provost for Learning Sciences and Deputy Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Texas, Austin. Current work focuses on UTx, the local implementation of edX, learning analytics (SoLAR) and the digital enhancement of physical learning spaces. He is also a Foundation Honorary Professor at the Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. He is a lapsed biologist now learning scientist focused on emerging technologies, the cognitive interactions with them, & the spaces, physical and virtual wherein they occur.