Graduate Exam Abstract

Jonathan Edelen

M.S. Final
June 18, 2014, 9:00 AM
ERC Electronic Classroom (A210)
Design and Simulation of the Colorado State University Linear Accelerator System

Abstract: The University of Twente in the Netherlands recently donated a linear accelerator and free-electron laser system to Colorado State University. A detailed model and simulation of the system must be constructed in order to assist the re-commissioning process at CSU. An initial design of the beam-transport system must also be developed. This thesis begins with the basic theory needed to understand the context of the simulations and then works through the accelerator, starting from the point where the beam is generated and continuing through the whole system to the beam dump. Individual components are simulated, their parameters are characterized, and optimal initial settings are found. These individual simulations are then combined into a complete start-to- end simulation of the machine. The start-to-end simulation is then used to demonstrate the expected performance of the machine with the optimal settings. This provides a system design that will be used in the initial buildup of the accelerator, as well as a simulation tool that can be used for future studies (for example, testing of novel components) or for examining the impact of proposed design changes.

Adviser: Stephen Milton
Co-Adviser: Sandra Biedron
Non-ECE Member: Thomas Johnson, Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Member 3: Branislav Notaros, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Addional Members: N/A

J. Edelen, et. all "Electron back-bombardment and mitigation in a short gap, thermionic cathode RF gun." IEEE Transactions in Nuclear Science (Volume 61, Issue 2)

J. Edelen, et. all "A Two-Frequency Gun for High Current Thermionic Cathode Electron Injection Systems " Directed Energy Symposium, March 2014 (FEL Session)

J. Edelen, et. all "A Two Frequency Electron Gun for High Current Thermionic Injectors" NA-PAC 2013

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