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Please complete Travel Authorization and Travel Reimbursement request forms as usual. You will receive an email from a travel arranger for information to create a traveler profile and to process risk management for international travel.

Pre-trip authorizations are no longer required for in-state travel unless there is air travel.

Travel Authorization Form and Guidelines

Steps to travel with Colorado State University - College of Engineering:

  1. Contact one of the CSU Approved Travel Agencies to arrange an itinerary and obtain a price quotation for the ticket.
  2. Instruct the travel agency to email this itinerary and quotation to the Engineering Business Office at as soon as the reservation is made.
  3. Within two hours after making the reservation with the travel agency, complete and return the Travel Authorization Request Form: online or fillable PDF (attach additional documentation to the PDF form if needed)
  4. For international travel please use the International Travel Authorization Request Form.

NOTE: EBO must receive the travel agency itinerary, quote, and the Travel Authorization Request Form by 1:00pm on the day the reservation is made to ensure pricing and reservation.

  • The travel agency itinerary and quote, and the Travel Authorization Request Form are required for the EBO to generate a CSU Travel Authorization. The CSU authorization allows the travel agency to book the trip - Do not purchase the ticket yourself. The EBO will provide the travel agency with the booking numbers.

Submitted online forms will automatically be emailed to EBO. If using the fillable PDF you may email your completed forms.

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