Engineering Business Office

Business Support Services

Purchasing Request Form Guidelines and Instructions:

  • For all new purchasing requests:
    • Submit a Purchasing Request Form with a clean quote for items to be ordered (a clean quote should include only those items selected for purchase and shipping charges).
  • Regarding purchases over $5000:
    • The purchase request and quote must be included and sent to Purchasing for determination of the most appropriate procurement method to be used.
    • Complete the Capital Equipment Supplement Form for additional required information on equipment purchases.
  • Use this form for new orders only. Do not use this form for requesting reimbursements or vendor payments on previously placed orders. Use the Payment/Reimbursement Request Form for these requests.


Purchase Request Form: online or fillable PDF (save PDF to computer before filling it out)

  • Additional Instructions:
    • To avoid order delays, fill in the form completely.
    • Use this form for Purchase Orders (PO) to off-campus vendors, Internal Orders (IO), and Work Order Authorizations (WOA).
    • Include an Official Function Form if the request involves food, beverages, events, recruiting, training, promotion or development activities.
    • See Non-Allowable Expenses on 5-3 accounts.
    • Expect at least 3 working days for processing of purchases.


Return all completed forms to EBO Business Support Services. Forms may be dropped off in Room AR202, sent via campus mail using Campus Delivery 1301, or emailed.