Engineering Business Office - Business Support Services

Payment or Reimbursement Requests

  • Use this form to request payment for orders placed and invoiced that do not have a Purchase Order, or for reimbursement of expenses incurred.
  • Use this form for off-campus vendors, payments to individuals (employees or non-employees), and IMOs.
  • Do not use this form for travel related expenses.
  • Do not use this form for Purchase Orders placed with the Purchasing Request Form.


Payment / Reimbursement Request Form (fillable PDF)

  • For payment requests, include vendor invoices.
  • For reimbursement requests, include original receipts marked as paid.
  • Include an Official Function Form if the request involves food, beverages, events, recruiting, training, promotion or development activities.
  • To avoid payment delays, fill in the form completely.
  • Note: Payment processing from EBO into the CSU system is generally 3 working days.


Return all completed forms to EBO Business Support Services. Forms may be dropped off in Room AR202, sent via campus mail using Campus Delivery 1301, or emailed.