Engineering Business Office - Business Support Services

Official Functions

The University recognizes that certain promotion and development activities are required to fulfill University objectives. However, as an entity of the State, it is critical to recognize the sensitivity to the perception of abuse or misuse of public resources and the very open nature of our financial records. Therefore, adequate explanation is an absolute requirement to document and justify these types of expenditures.

There are essentially two criteria that must be met in order for the expenses to be allowable:

  1. The activity must produce a primary benefit to the University
  2. All costs must be reasonable and necessary

Official functions (regardless of cost) involve one or more of the following: Food, beverages, event costs, recruiting of faculty or students, training, promotion or development activities.

Official Function Form (fillable PDF)


Return all completed forms to EBO Business Support Services. Forms may be dropped off in Room AR202, sent via campus mail using Campus Delivery 1301, or emailed.