Engineering Business Office - Research Support

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

RCR Home Page

Please note the following, but see the RCR home page for more complete information, details regarding training, and grant application guidance:

  • All undergraduate, graduate, and post-doc research trainees must complete the online RCR training during their studies at CSU.
  • Within twelve months from the start of employment, RCR training must be completed by any undergraduate, graduate, or post-doc trainee supported by NSF or NIH.
  • Undergraduates need only complete the online RCR training provided by CSU.
  • GRAs and post-docs must complete the online RCR training AND a CSU ethics course applicable to the project.
  • RCR certifications expire after four years, so some students or post-docs may need to repeat training.

Recommended: Include wording in any grant proposal to NSF, NIH, or other federal sponsor that RCR training will be provided within one year of the start of the project (ex. within the NSF post-doc mentoring plan or any project description). See the RCR home page for specific guidance and requirements.