CSU Engineering Faculty Featured in 5280

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Showcasing the latest news in Colorado, from the arts to the environment, and from fitness to historical articles on Denver and the West, 5280 has been the voice of Rocky Mountain residents since 1993. Recently featured for their work in sustainable energy and biofuels, two Colorado State University professors, Dr. Bryan Willson and Dr. Ken Reardon, can be found in the November and December 2007 issues of the Denver Mile-High magazine.

Featured Faculty

Dr. Bryan Willson, professor of mechanical engineering and director of CSU's Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory, is included in the November special issue on Colorado's Energy Revolution. In "Life According to Bryan Willson," the co-founder of Solix Biofuels and Envirofit touches on our current energy situation, renewable fuels and the future of oil.

Similarly, Dr. Ken Reardon, professor of chemical and biological engineering, is noted for his contribution to biofuel technology as CSU campus coordinator of the Colorado Center for Biorefining and Biofuels, or C2B2, part of the Colorado Renewable Energy Collaboratory. In "Power Plants," Amanda Leigh Haag details the Collaboratory's big initiative to harvest energy from plant sources that don't compete with food -- a joint venture between CSU, the University of Colorado at Boulder, the Colorado School of Mines, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

The December 5280 can be found on newsstands now. For more information on the articles above or to access past issues, please visit www.5280.com.

For more information on Bryan Willson and the Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory please visit the EECL website at http://www.eecl.colostate.edu/

For more information on Dr. Ken Reardon and the Colorado Renewable Energy Collaboratory please visit http://www.colorado.edu/che/c2b2/