Seminar Schedule Spring 2016

All Seminars are at 4pm on Thursdays in Scott 229, unless otherwise noted.

Spring 2016

Feb 11
Peter Ciesielski
Improving Biomass Conversion Processes through Advanced Imaging, Modeling and Simulation

March 3
Robert Riggleman
Penn State

March 10
Wenbing Hu, China

March 24
Yongcheng Zhou
CSU Math Department
Research in Membrane Dynamics

March 31
Todd Zurlinden
Ph.D. Candidate
Chemical and Biological Engnieering,
Colorado State University

April 7
Stephen Boyes
Department of Chemistry and Geochemistry
Colorado School Of Mines

April 14
Lei Zhu
Department of Marcomolecular Science and Engineering
Case Western Res Univ

April 21
Zhen-Gang Wang
Department of Chemical Engineering
Cal Tech

April 27
Martin McCullagh
Department of Chemistry
Colorado State University